Surfside Lighthouse Administrative Software
Lighthouse is a comprehensive and tightly integrated student information system for your school.  From student demographics, to schedules, billing, grades, attendance, discipline, transcripts, counselor contacts and more, Lighthouse provides all the features you need.
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Hundred's of reports
Thousands of functions
One complete package

School Ledger-Report System Fund Accounting Software for Schools
School Ledger-Report System is an internal funding account software program that a school district can use to track its various internal funds.  From student activity funds to athletic or faculty funds, School Ledger-Report System has been trusted by countless school financial professionals since its introduction in 1986.
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Teacher Gradebook Software The Lighthouse Gradebook software program is designed to mimic a standard pen-and-paper gradebook and track student grades across an entire school year. 

Using an industry standard look and feel, teachers can start using the program immediately and be proficient in a very short time.  Powerful tools are available to track a student's performance and produce professional quality reports quickly and easily.

The Classifier is a stand-alone master schedule and student schedule generator for your school.  It takes your student requests, analyzes them, and then builds a master schedule and student schedules that satisfies as many students, teachers, and other constraints as possible. 

Don't be mislead by other companies' half-baked attempts at scheduling.  We publish the best master scheduling software in the industry.  Always have! Always will!
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Charity Ledger
Non-Profit Fund Accounting System with Donor Tracking

Charity Ledger is a fund accounting software program that a non-profit organization or charity can use to track its various internal funds. From in-house trust accounts to donor directed programs, Charity Ledger can help you manage your fund accounts efficiently. Charity Ledger is part of a family of fund accounting software that has been trusted by financial professionals since 1986.
free trial more information allows you to upload student data from our Lighthouse administrative software system onto a secure web server.  Students and parents may then view their student's information via the Internet.  The data that can be uploaded includes the current student schedules, report cards, attendance records, or even transcript and demographic data.  Surfside Lighthouse gradebook users may upload class grade data for viewing by parents and students.  You always choose what data is uploaded to so users only see what you want them to see!