MyStudentData - Safe and Secure Internet Student Data Access allows you to upload student data from our Lighthouse administrative software system onto a secure web server.  Students and parents may then view their student's information via the Internet.  The data that can be uploaded includes the current student schedules, report cards, attendance records, or even transcript and demographic data.  You choose what data is uploaded to so users only see what you want them to see!

Does your school have "helicopter parents" hovering over the school asking for up-to-date student test and quiz grades?  Do students and parents pester you for their schedules all summer long?  How often must you re-print a report card or schedule because a parent or child cannot find it? Do parents call to check on their child's attendance? Is it difficult to get parents to review their basic data (i.e. address, phone and emergency contact) for accuracy?  Surfside's Internet student data access product is the solution!

How does it work?

Each time you tell Surfside Lighthouse to upload data to the web server, the system sends only the data elements that you have chosen to upload.  Once your student data is extant on our web server, a user visits and may retrieve a student by providing information specific to that student.  Various levels of security ensure that students are viewed only by those who have the authority to do so.  The beauty of the system is that you control exactly what the user will see.  If you don't want to make attendance available, you simply do not upload attendance to the web server. and Surfside Lighthouse provide the best of both worlds.  Some administrative packages are web-based, meaning that all of your critical data might be maintained on some server that is beyond the scope of your personal care and control.  Other administrative packages keep information "barracaded" within the four walls of the school.  Surfside provides an adminstrative solution that is locally controlled and web-enabled - and we afford you the very highest degree of control over what is on your web service and when it is placed there.

In addition to permitting a parent to access the data on one particular child, also permits the establishment of "family user accounts".  This timesaving feature allows parents to create one account from which they access the data for all of their children.


Security is important!  All of the data on the web server is "static" - that means that it is not something a user can update or alter in any way.  Even if someone did find a way to change the data, it would not find its way back into your in-school database because the data stream is a "one-way street" - Lighthouse uploads data but never downloads it.  To preserve privacy and make everyone more comfortable, uses 128 bit SSL security protocols - that's the little, yellow "padlock" emblem you see in your browser when you visit a bank or other secure web sites.  All data is hosted on our web server, so you need not concern yourself with purchasing extra web storage or bandwidth.

How can you use

The uses of are wide-ranging!  Here are some examples:

  • Student Schedules - When your student schedules are completed in the middle of summer, you can announce in the local newspaper that schedules are available at - students and parents may view or print their class schedule.  If the student has a question or problem with her schedule, they can email or call the office right away - rather than wait until the first day of school to address it.
  • Report Cards - Student report cards might be posted to the web server at the same time they are distributed.  This enables parents to retrieve a mysteriously "lost" report card or to confirm that the data on the screen is the same that they see on the printed document.  (Also applies to progress reports!)
  • Gradebook Information - If you use the Lighthouse teacher gradebook your teachers may publish student class grades to for viewing by “helicopter parents” and concerned students. Class grades appear only when teachers choose to publish them to, which affords your staff much more flexibility than systems where grades are on the web the instant they are entered. (This helps when a teacher decides to re-scale an assignment or drop the assignment all together.)
  • Attendance - Daily attendance could be posted to the server so that parents might check their child's absences and tardies at any time.
  • Demographic Data - If you want to do a mid-summer or mid-year check of students' "directory information" you could announce that the data is available at for parents to review what the school has on file.  A parent could then email or call the school with corrections.