Teacher Gradebook

Surfside Lighthouse Gradebook

The Lighthouse Gradebook software program is designed to mimic a standard pen-and-paper gradebook and track student grades across an entire school year. 

Using an industry standard look and feel, teachers can start using the program immediately and be proficient in a very short time.  Powerful tools are available to track a student's performance and produce professional quality reports quickly and easily.

Operational Features:

  • Permits an unlimited number of courses in a teacher’s gradebook
  • Supports an unlimited number of assignments for each course
  • Lets the teacher categorize assignments and classify categories for easy calculation of averages
  • Teachers can define and use grades not found in Lighthouse
  • Calculates alpha or numeric averages
  • Supports weighted grades
  • Allows letter or number grades in the same column
  • Excuses a student from an assignment without it affecting his average at all
  • Support check/no check for homework assignments submitted if teacher does not grade them individually
  • Publishes a list of missing homework assignments or grades
  • Supports extra credit grades
  • Supports extra credit assignments (this figures into average if a grade for it exists but does not affect average if it is blank)
  • Globally add/subtract points to all student assignments
  • Allows the teacher to activate/deactivate assignments to see how they affect student averages
  • Allows numeric, letter grades or symbol grades (i.e. happy faces, check marks)
  • Provides seven different statistics for any assignment column (minimum grade, maximum grade, mean, median, range, midrange, variance, standard deviation)
  • Permits the teacher to view the gradebook for any one marking period, semester or for the entire school year

Reporting Features:

  • Prepares a helpful “explain this student’s average” report for parent and student conferences
  • Publishes an “assignments report” that includes class average, list of students’ grades, graphic representation of grades, students who did not submit the assignment and much more.
  • Prints student “progress report” showing current average, grades for all assignments, missing assignments, comparative ranking in class section and more.
  • Produces class summary, missing assignment and score summary reports.

Integration with Lighthouse:

  • Gradebook file can be prepared by the Lighthouse teacher access client
  • Submits grades through link-up with the Lighthouse teacher access client
  • Requires Surfside Lighthouse Version 4 or 5.
  • Publishes class data to (subscription required) for parent and student access over the web

Pricing and availability

Surfside Lighthouse Gradebook is available now.  You can download an un-licensed copy of the program - an unlicensed copy is a fully functional version of the program that does not include integration with Lighthouse.  Integration with Lighthouse requires a licensed version.

Licensed copies of Lighthouse Gradebook will receive technical support as part of the support plan that covers your main Surfside Lighthouse application.  Your school will designate a sole telephone contact person authorized for gradebook support calls.  Individual teachers may not call for technical support but may email.

Limited support for un-licensed copies of Lighthouse Gradebook is provided only by email via on a time available basis at the full discretion of our technical support staff.

Pricing for the Lighthouse Gradebook will be computed on a school-by-school basis.  The stated retail price for Lighthouse Gradebook with full Lighthouse integration is $1,295. Your price will depend upon a number of school-specific factors and will most likely be lower.

Individual Teacher Purchases

If you are an individual teacher interested in our gradebook software you may continue to download and evaluate the un-licensed version. If you like the program and wish to purchase a registered version (to remove the “un-licensed” watermarks from reports) you may do so for US $69.00. Buy Now