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About Us

Discover the Surfside Difference!

At Surfside Software we are different.  While other administrative software publishers come and go, are bought and sold or just disappear from the radar Surfside has a long and distinguished history of serving America's schools.  From affordable, innovative products to friendly customer service, nobody will serve you better than Surfside Software.

When you speak with our staff on the phone you will find us to be the plain-spoken New Englanders that we are.  We do not lead you down the primrose path, promising the moon and delivering something less.  Our prices are affordable because we don't have a battalion of high-pressure salespeople struggling to "make commission" this month - and willing to say whatever it takes to close a sale.  We do not pressure schools into expensive training or unreasonable support agreements.  Our products are supported by our own staff - not by sub-contractors or "independent representatives".  We take your needs seriously and enjoy direct contact with our customers.

When you choose a product from Surfside you choose a company with an unparalleled commitment to serving America's schools.  Everything on our feature lists is available and working right now.  The majority of our technical staff has worked with this product line for fifteen to twenty years.  Our customer support is unparalleled in the industry both for the knowledgeability of the professionals who respond to your questions and for the responsiveness of our staff.  Our staff will take the time to learn about how your school works and to help you configure our software to work well with the way you do things.  At Surfside we listen and we respond.

See the Light!

Find out why more and more schools are trusting Surfside to provide their administrative computing solutions. We invite you to browse through the information about Surfside Lighthouse or our other products on this web site, and also to download the free, thirty-day trial versions or our software.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your school's particular needs, please feel free to contact or call 800-942-9008, extension 110.

Fiercely Independent

Recently we have witnessed with dismay several consolidations in the school administrative software industry. As one giant corporation devours another one, all of us at Surfside are proud that we have retained our independence over the years.

Surfside Software is a privately held company. That means that we don’t spend our time worrying about today’s share price, the next stockholders meeting or what the bean counters at “corporate” might have in store for us. We are accountable to ourselves and to our customers – not some omnipotent “board” in a foreign country.

Surfside’s pricing practices are fair and reasonable. We try to price our software at a level where a school need not break its budget to do business with us. Surfside does not pressure schools into purchasing training services they might not need nor do we deny technical support to a school that doesn’t purchase training. Once your school chooses Surfside, we want you to be our customer for many years. In fact, quite a few administrators have spent their entire careers using our student information systems – all the way from Classifier to Surfside Lighthouse

Surfside is family-owned by Americans. Americans develop our software. Americans market our software. Americans maintain our web sites. Americans provide our customer support services.

Company History

The Mount Castor Years

Our story begins in 1981, when Mount Castor Industries, Inc. introduced The Classifier master scheduling software for the Commodore PET.  Created by computer industry pioneer Dr. Caxton C. Foster, The Classifier launched the school administrative software revolution.  Over the last twenty-three years, The Classifier and its descendents have scheduled millions of students in schools all over the world.

Over the next few years, Mount Castor introduced several programs that complimented The Classifier.  These included The Officer and The Inspector attendance packages along with The Reporter report card system.  Each new product boasted the same ease of use and affordable price that users of The Classifier came to expect. All of these packages ran on the Applie II, TRS-80 and IBM-PC.

In 1985 and 1986, Mount Castor introduced its "second generation" of software for the IBM-PC - Classifier II, Reporter II and Inspector II.  These were quickly followed by the introduction of The Enforcer discipline software and The Notifier progress report package, along with an integrated administrative suite for the Apple IIgs.

The Surfside Generation Rises

On April 1, 1988, Surfside Software was formed and acquired the products published by Mount Castor Industries, Inc. as part of an employee buy-out upon the retirement of Mount Castor's founders.

Shortly after the acquisition, The Surfside Solution was released.  This package represented a full integration of core administrative functions around a centralized student database.  The Surfside Solution included a host of new features and boasted performance increases that amazed and delighted long-time users of the Mount Castor product line.

As The Surfside Solution continued to evolve, Surfside introduced several new products - including a family of add-on products for Surfside Solution, The Surfside Beacon voice mail homework information system and a number of upgraded stand-alone applications.

In 1993, The Surfside Solution II was released.  The fourth generation of our product line, Solution II was packed with features requested by our customers.  The initial release of Solution II was followed by major feature updates in 1994 and 1995.

Growth and Diversification

Also in 1993, Surfside formed a new subsidiary - Heritage Administrative Systems, Inc.  Heritage was founded as a company dedicated almost exclusively to serving the needs of the small school of approximately 200 students.  Heritage introduced its first new product, The Administrator's PowerPack, in the summer of 1993.  Shortly after releasing The Administrator's PowerPack, Heritage acquired the administrative software unit of K-12 MicroMedia Publishing, Inc. along with School Office Software Systems.

In February of 1996, Heritage acquired the financial software products of Shenandoah Software of Harrisonburg, Virginia, a publisher of internal fund accounting software for schools.  School Ledger-Report System and School Accounts Payable received upgrades in the spring of 1996 and again in the fall of 1997 and 1998 before being replaced with Windows versions in 2001.  This new product line has moved us into an increasingly more diverse market presence.

In the spring of 1996, we introduced The Surfside Solution III.  Solution III received major upgrades in 1997, 1998 and 1999. 

Surfside Solution 2000 was released in the summer of 2000 and was upgraded through 2002.  It was a Windows-based companion for Surfside Solution III

In 2001, Heritage Administrative Systems introduced windows versions of School Ledger-Report System and School Accounts Payable.  These were upgraded annually every year since 2002 - now standing at Version 12.

May of 2002 saw the release of Surfside's product, an Internet student data access product for users of Surfside administrative software products.

In March of 2003, Surfside proudly introduced The Classifier 2003, the very latest in our long tradition of excellence in master scheduling software.

In July 2003 we released The Surfside Lighthouse, a full-featured, integrated, Windows-based administrative package that replaces the venerable Surfside Solution family of products.  The Surfside Lighthouse is upgraded annually.  It now stands at Version 9.

In May 2008 we released Charity Ledger-Report System, a fund accounting and donor tracking system for non-profit organizations.  Charity Ledger is an evolution of School Ledger, optimized to excel in the NPO environment.  Full information about Charity Ledger is available at

Today Surfside Software is a mature, diverse company.  Arguably one of the most experienced publishers of school administrative software, Surfside's product line continues to grow and improve.  The schools we serve continue to succeed with Surfside products.

Find out why more and more schools trust Surfside Software to provide their administrative software.  Explore this web site, email your questions to or call us today at 800-942-9008.  Let us show you the Surfside difference!